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New York State Statutory Group Disability Benefits
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New York Statutory Disability Insurance is a legal requirement that covers employees for a maximum duration of twenty-six weeks with a standard one week waiting period. The point of reference for these New York Disability Benefits still remains at the 1989 benchmark of $170/week maximum, yet, companies with one employee can also be written.

By placing your trust in the Disability Benefit Law Center for a New York DBL Insurance package, insurance companies will pay your agency commissions directly, while you crucially secure full ownership over your business. Furthermore, your Insurance Agency name is on every application, along with your Insurance Company code number.

In the alternative where your firm deals directly with a General Agency, your company name and code number do not go on the application, and policy ownership is not recognized by the insurance carrier. Worse off, information about your policy is not disclosed to you.

So, sign up for our New York DBL benefits today and profit from our unbeatable perks!

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Guardian A++
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Hartford* A
AmTrust A
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Standard Life A
ShelterPoint Life A-
Standard Security Life A-
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DBL Comparison Quote Letter (PDF) DBL Comparison Quote Letter (PDF)

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