Temporary Disability Benefits in New Jersey


Our service makes the difference.

State of New Jersey disability benefits are mandated by the state government, but can be purchased through the state or private insurance carriers. What’s the difference?  
When you buy wholesale NJ disability insurance through InsuranceWholesaler.net, you’ll experience a whole new level of personalized service, expert care, enhanced benefits and multi-line discounts on other employee benefits packages for your customers.  

The Service You Deserve 

At The DBL Center, we service insurance brokerages with customers writing policies with as few as one life, and as many as thousands, yet we treat every insurance agent with the same care and attention.  
Best of all, we minimize the paperwork and we maintain and manage your policies. You retain full ownership and cash your commission checks direct from the carrier – so you can focus on your business goals. When you’re free to focus on sales, and have a variety of ancillary products to offer, you’ll sell more policies and earn more commission faster. At InsuranceWholesaler.net, we make it easy for New Jersey disability insurance agents to do just that.  


Flexible NJ Disability Options

Give your customers choices in New Jersey disability benefits, with payouts faster than the one-week minimum offered through the state, flexible income options to mirror the company’s regular pay periods and payments by check rather than debit card so employees can continue to maintain the same lifestyle they enjoyed before they filed for disability insurance.  

Temporary Disability Benefits Are Just the Beginning

Our choices in NJ disability benefits are second-to-none, through an elite group of select insurance carriers that provide the best rates and exemplary service. But we also offer long term disability insurance, group life AD&D insurance, vision and dental benefits, with discounts offered when your customers enhance their employee benefits package through your insurance agency and you buy through The DBL Center.  
You’ll enjoy the same white-glove service we provide with our disability insurance benefits plans, while we manage and maintain your customers’ policies so you’ll earn more commission and expand your book of business in the time you save.  
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