Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans

Tap into a lucrative market by selling Medicare-approved private health insurance plans, or Medicare Advantage Plans.

In addition to offering the best rates and white-glove service on mandatory state disability insurance coverage and ancillary benefits, The DBL Center Ltd. now writes Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare Part C) policies.

You can discover numerous benefits by expanding your book of business to include Medicare Advantage Plans, inclMedicare-Advantage-Graphicuding competitive, robust commissions with lifetime renewals.

Best of all, there’s very little work for you to do. Just introduce your Medicare-eligible customers to our in-house Medicare specialist. We do the rest. We’ll explain the many options to your clients, match them with the best Medicare Advantage plan to meet their individual needs, and write the policy. You collect the commission.

Why Sell Medicare Advantage?

With tens of millions Boomers in America approaching age 65 and becoming eligible for Medicare, and another 46 million already age 65 or over, Medicare Advantage represents opportunities for both P&C brokers and health insurance agencies to tap into this large and lucrative market.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 31 percent of Medicare enrollees—16.8 million people—purchased Medicare Advantage in 2015, a 7 percent increase (1 million new enrollees) since 2014. And that number will only grow.

Easy Sales: Appeal to Your Existing Customer Base

In 2014, 23 percent of men and 15 percent of women age 65 or older were still in the workforce. With Baby Boomers retiring later, you can reach Medicare enrollees still working, including those planning to retire soon. You can also reach outside your network of corporate sales for individual Medicare Advantage sales to expand your book of business.

Because everyone knows someone who is nearing age 65 or is already 65 years of age or older, brokers can easily sell Medicare Advantage by word-of-mouth.

Work with the Best

Medicare Part C private insurance products provide excellent options for those who qualify. For instance:

  • 94% of Medicare Advantage recipients had access to at least one plan with four or more stars out of a five-star rating.
  • 1% of all Medicare Advantage enrollees had a choice of at least one $0 premium plan in 2016.
  • Maximum out-of-pocket caps provide added protection to make healthcare and preventative care more affordable for Medicare C enrollees.

Medicare Advantage options and shopping the various plans to find the best one isn’t always easy. That’s where our DBL Center specialist comes in. For smart brokers, it’s like earning additional commission for what you’re already doing—building relationships and serving your customers.

Join our DBL Center / Medicare Division today by reaching out to us now.

Disability insurance is just the beginning….